2015-04-11: Future CLA Working Group Terms of Reference

The Future CLA Working Group was established by the attendees at the Future CLA Stakeholder Forum on January 31, 2015. The Working Group was to be populated by the proposed governance organizations as presented in the CLA discussion paper: Canadian Library Association: A Proposed New Vision for Our National Association.

The Future CLA Working Group is comprised of representatives from the provincial and regional multi-sector associations and the national sector associations.


  • To review the notes of the Stakeholder Forum and feedback received regarding the proposed model.
  • To research and review options for the proposed federated model for CLA.
  • To make recommendations to the Future CLA Stakeholder Group regarding theproposed federated model, including purpose, governance, membership, andfinancial structure.
  • To incorporate Stakeholder Group direction into a revised proposal for considerationby associations and the various associations’ memberships.
  • To advise on broader community engagement and consultation on the reviseddiscussion paper.

The Working Group is established in March 2015 and will complete its work once a final draft of a revised proposal has been completed. Estimated timeline for completion is September 2015.


  1. Report for discussion to the Future CLA Association Stakeholder Group – early June 2015
  2. Revised proposal for federated CLA – Fall 2015

The convenor of the Working Group will be Sandra Singh, VP-President Elect of CLA. This decision may be revisited at any point in the future.

Frequency of meetings:
The Working Group will meet primarily by conference call on a schedule determined by the Working Group, with one special two-day in-person meeting scheduled in April.

A meeting will move forward when there is 60% (8 members) of the appointed members of the Working Group present, but including only one of the four CLA representatives. Any decisions contemplated by a meeting of less than the whole of the group with be presented via email following the meeting to the whole working group for information and comment by the members who were not able to be present at the meeting.

Sub Working Groups:
The Working Group has the ability to strike smaller working groups to address specific issues.

This group has the ability to determine what content will be included in the proposal presented to the Stakeholder Group and the drafting of the final report.

The decision-making process will be consensus. If Working Group members cannot reach a consensus on an item for the proposal, then that item will be presented as options within the proposal.

Record of meetings:
At each meeting, a either a CLA staff member or the project Coordinator will take notes. Meeting notes should be reviewed and shared with the larger Working Group in a timely manner.

Once the Working Group has confirmed the accuracy of the meeting notes, they will be shared with the larger Stakeholder Group and posted on the Future CLA blog.

This Working group reports to the Future CLA Stakeholder Group that convened in Toronto in January 2015.

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